Who We Are

About Us

The essence is collaboration. We at ICON Digital strongly believes in after sale service, which is why our focus is equally placed on service as much as on the products we represent

Going with the industry trends and needs, we pick what we feel are the pioneers in the industry to partner with.

For our Printer Line, we have chosen the best in the industry in each segment. We have the likes of Aeoon, Homer, Aleph., and many more.

ICON looks for ways to help our clients expand their business and offerings to the market. To start with, we are happy to introduce other product lines such as the finishing equipment, specialty media, digital inks and digital media.

For the Finishing Line, we have MultiCam, a US company and a global supplier of innovative CNC cutting solutions. MultiCam provides cost effective, easy-to-use, programmable cutting, and additive manufacturing solutions for both large and small companies.

For the Specialty Media, we collaborate with specialty media suppliers who are well known, reliable and consistent with their high quality. The market has a vast number of great suppliers of vinyl, banner, flex, textile for our industry. But, there are some specialty items that are not easily found, so we decided to supply our clients with these media to give them the ability to always have the extra edge over their competitors.

For the digital inks, ICON is carrying its own brand of inks for virtually all the wide and superwide format digital printers. In addition, we are able to get digital inks for many other specialty digital printers such as marking, garments and many others.

In this new age of public advertising, we bring to the market a large range of products in the Digital Media, in partnership with MediaMEA, from the hardware to the software as well as the firmware.

Included in our portfolio are the technical know-how and capabilities to train or even manage your contents.