Who We Are


More so as the name implies, ICON is also an acronym of the different organizational exposures that built the robust credentials of its manpower. Our experiences date back to 1987 when we started with signage supplies and equipment sourcing. In 1992, our focus shifted to large format digital printing targeting mainly the billboard industry where hundreds of printers were sold and installed under our belt in the regions of MidEast and Africa.

SAGA, since its birth, continues the quest to widen the spectrum of printers to work with. The new age of digital printing now requires higher resolution and dependable speed. We also strive to push for as environmentally friendly equipments as possible with our printers now using less and less, if any, solvent and VOC emitting inks.

With the improvement of printer technologies, applications shifted from not only for large format billboards, banners and signages, it now includes textiles, packaging, flags, garments, interior decorations, and many more applications that we are continuously discovering with our clients.

Our partners are not limited to printer manufacturers, but also those in the business of Finishing Products such as CNC routers, media to print on, and the biggest on-trend — the digital media, which we at SAGA Digital believe, will grow even more as digital becomes integrated as part of marketing activities.

Ultimately, our aim is to always be on top of the latest trends in technology so we are able to bring fresh dimension to our clients’ printing options and equip them to become pioneers in their trade; provide them with the tools to accelerate their business and yield hard profits.

Because, our customer’s success is our success too.

The Possibilities are endless. Opportunities are within reach.
Thus, the SAGA continues…..