G3015B Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Fiber Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine
Machine Size 3015 | 2D Metal Plate Cutting | Material thickness up to 30mm

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    Both pipe and plate materials can be processed by the G3015B fiber laser cutting machine whose structure is open type. Because of that, it can be operated simply and conveniently, meanwhile, it has the merits of saving space and money.

    Processing Area 3000 x 1500 mm(optional)
    Laser Power 500W – 2000W
    Max. Moving Speed 60m / min
    Max. Acc. Speed 0.5G
    Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm / m
    Reposition Accuracy ±0.05mm
    Whole Machine Weight 5800 Kg
    Machine Dimensions 8400 x 3150 x 1650 mm