ICON 18 Eco-Solvent Roll-to-Roll


The ICON 18 is today the most reliable, efficient and cost effective wide format eco solvent 1.8 meter printer of its kind.

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    Build on a very robust and compact chassis, the ICON 18 printer is the perfect solution for long outdoor and indoor printing jobs. Equipped with the best-in-class High Perfomance Piezoelectric Jetting Assembly, the ICON 18 has been designed to deliver the best print quality at a very good speed. Ideal for printing on a wide range of uncoated and coated substrates such as point of sale displays, fine art reproduction, vehicle graphics, self-adhesive vinyl, banner, backlit, paper and much more. The ICON 18 is a user friendly printer that will do any job very efficiently and at the lowest cost. With a top speed of 27 sq.m./hr, the ICON 18 is unconditionally the perfect printer to start with or to have as a back-up solution.

    High Speed

    • Epson ‘s newly developed DX5 high-speed head contains 180×8 column nozzle, 4 times the conventional nozzles.

    High Quality

    • The fully sealed suction structure and mute suction fan design makes working noise to a negligible – improving the working environment of employees.
    • High-precision mold making tray guarantees the concentricity and uniformity of the sheet travel, Paper feed accuracy increased more than 30% making pictures more delicate.
    • The original HWIN level high precision mute rail increased the accuracy by 30% more than the C-level achieving stable high quality printing.
    High stability
    • Using multi-point and pressure adaptive pressure wheel (the most accurate pressure control) makes running paper smoother and helps achieve a continuous and stable printing
    • New mold paper presser design slides freely, strong, stable and no tilting ensuring stable and continuous printing.
    • Multiple high-precision mold carts achieve stepless adjustment of the nozzle height, ink sac fix and simple nozzle physical adjustment.