The ICON 3000LR is today the fastest economical Roll-to-Roll in2 meter LED UV printer of its kind

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    The ICON 3000LR is today the fastest Roll-to-Roll 3.2 meter LED UV printer of its kind. Equipped with 4 or 8 Kyocera grey-scale piezoelectric print heads, the ICON 3000LR is designed to deliver amazing print quality at astonishing speed. The printer can print in 4 or 8 color mode at 1200×1200 dpi with a maximum speed of 156 sq.m. per hour. The ICON 3000LR is the perfect printer to have for large production at minimal cost.

    User Friendly Design


    1.Full loop auto media thickness detection and auto height control system.
    2.Auto skip function can identify and evade the blank part, optional pipeline printing mode.
    3.Optional UV light irradiation power & Nozzle compensation function.
    4.Auto pin registration device & Anti-collision device on the carriage.

    Stable & Reliable


    1.Durable parts for industrial production.
    2.We chose IGUS chain, AB servo motor, Megadyne synchronous belt, etc.
    3.Emergency stop switches on the machine make it easy to stop operation from any corner of the printer.
    4.Backup power supply.

    Save ink up to 30%-50%


    Using multi-drop pixel technology to decrease the amount of ink use (unlike the normal print mode which can consume more ink when printing).



    Use non-VOC environmental friendly UV curing ink which will be a new trend in the future.

    Wide application


    UV curing ink can print in various materials directly and is also eco-friendly.  With these two big advantages, it will eventually replace the traditional outdoor advertising and indoor photo printing equipments.  Moreover, can apply widely in family indoor decoration field such as: wallpaper, public display board, etc.