MultiCam 1000 Series CNC Plasma Bridge and Rail


An excellent choice for entry-level manufacturers and shops seeking economical ways to cut plate steel and aluminum.

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    Equipped with standard features you normally only get with more expensive MultiCam CNC Plasma cutting machines, the CNC Modular Plasma Cutter 1000 Series makes the perfect fit for an entry-level manufacturer looking for an economical, yet high-quality, method for cutting. With the CNC Plasma 1000 Series, you get easy control, the ability to cut for a wide variety of applications, and the full support of the global MultiCam Technology Center network.

    You also get MultiCam’s Integrated Material Database, which speeds up your cutting processes. Normally, when you change the type of material you have to cut, you have to spend time adjusting a variety of parameters like feed rate, pierce delay, pierce height, and many others. The Integrated Material Database integrates most of these into a simple menu system that adjusts these values for you.

    The leg stands are made from 4” x 4” x .25” structural steel and get mounted to the floor for additional rigidity, which reduces vibration and improves cut quality. The 1000 Series Bridge & Rail also has hardened and polished carbon steel rails with 1.80” diameter wheels, with each wheel able to support up to more than a ton – 2,057 lbs.

    Lastly, the Bridge & Rail cutting system exclusively uses Hypertherm torches. You get high cut quality at half the operating cost.

    • MultiCam EZ Control®
    • MultiCam EZ Control® HP4 – 3 axis motion control
    • Custom engineered all-steel frame and gantry
    • Materials database
    • Hypertherm plasma torch
    • Precision dual X-axis 2 phase high speed stepper motors
    • Hardened and polished carbon steel rails with DualVee® wheels
    • Precise captured motion control in all axes
    • 8 MB of memory with unlimited file size transfer
    • Arc voltage height control
    • Advanced Kerf Crossing


    • Hypertherm HSD 130 or HPR 130/260
    • Oxy-fuel torches
    • Cutting table or downdraft table
    • Modular downdraft table
    • Adaptive Automatic Torch Height Control (ATHC)
    • Quick-stop crash protection
    • Second tool carriage
    • Z-axis travel: 10”
    • Cut speed: 500 IPM
    • Rapid traverse: 700 IPM
    • Repeatability: +/- 0.002”
    • Drive system X and Y axis: rack and pinion
    • Drive system Z axis: lead screw


    • Working area: 80” x 144” to 144” x 660”
    • Rapid traverse: 700 IPM
    • Repeatability: +/- 0.002”
    • HVAC
    • Manufacturing
    • Sign making
    • Metal fabrication
    • Aerospace
    • Automotive fabrication
    • Decorative fencing
    • Marine fabrication


    • Aluminum
    • Steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Brass
    • Bronze
    • Copper
    • Diamond plate
    • Expanded metal
    • Galvanized