Rollover CLASSIC Flatbed Applicator


The innovative Rollover Flatbed Applicator simply offers a better way of solving the daily challenges of the sign making industry. The excellent functionality is powered by the idea of facilitating and streamlining the multiple tasks encountered in the daily work of signmakers. Regardless of media type such as self-adhesive foil applications, road signs, glass application, banners etc. up to 90mm in thickness, the Rollover will ensure a perfect result at a minimum of time.

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    The Rollover Classic

    The Rollover standard program makes it easy to find the right model for your needs. What differs with the various options are basically the sizes of the glass bed working area. Unlike most competitors, we have included as standard, several properties normally found as optional features at a surcharge. By asking yourself the following questions, you will be able to find the model reflecting the needs of your business:

    • what are the relevant sizes of media and substrates?
    • what are the most common sizes of signs?
    • which formats are expected from plotters/printers?
    • how do you foresee your needs to develop in the future?

    Free access to the roller

    One of the most significant advantages of the Rollover Applicator is the free access to the main element when laminating – the roller. The patented design with no gliding beam above the roller accomodates in an unobstracted manner all sorts of laminating jobs. The easy handling enables one individual to operate most applications, leading to considerable savings in time and cost.

    Easy one-hand operation

    By using the ergonomically shaped and inward-facing handles, the roller can be moved easily over the tabletop both in a raised and lowered position.

    Protected activation button

    Being positioned at the end of the inward facing handles, the activation button for raising and lowering of the roller is protected against unintentional use. This reduces substantially the risk of work accidents.

    Solid, illuminated work station

    Even the standard version Rollover comes with an illuminated glass tabletop.This is a great help in every task demanding high level of accuracy e.g. positioning of detailed graphics on glass and transparent acrylic. The self-healing cutting mat provides increased functionality and flexibility of this work station. When designing the laminator, great attention has been paid to the solidity of the construction and a high level of craftsmanship.

    Flexible media holders

    In both ends of the table, flexible media holders allow for extra media when needed

    Special media holders for application tape

    At both ends of the roller, reversible holders for application tape can be attached . This simplifies and improves the application, reducing waste and time spent.

    Bilateral feeding trays

    Along both sides of the Rollover, the generously shaped side trays will provide space for tools and rolls of oversize media

    Larger and optimised

    Different from some competitors, the Rollover comes with a antistatic rubbercoated roller of 130mm in diameter. This secures an even pressure over the tabletop and subsequently high quality when applicating.

    Rollover sizes are based on 3m and 4m units in 2 different widths – 1.40m and 1.70m. By combining these, the standard assortment effectively includes 6m and 8m models:

    Model size in mm 1400 x 3000 1700 x 3000 1400 x 4000 1700 x 4000 1400 x 6000 1700 x 6000 1400 x 8000 1700 x 8000
    Glass bed working area 1400 x 3000 1700 x 3000 1400 x 4000 1700 x 4000 1400 x 6000 1700 x 6000 1400 x 8000 1700 x 8000
    Working area of roller 1400 x 2700 1700 x 2700 1400 x 3700 1700 x 3700 1400 x 5700 1700 x 5700 1400 x 7700 1700 x 7700
    Roller diameter in mm 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130
    Approx. weight in kg 510 660 610 780 940 1200 1080 1300
    Illumination, LED 173W 231W 231W 308W 346W 462W 462W 616W

    Key Data

    Steel edge outside glassbed Add 30 mm on each side
    Max.thickness of sign substrate in mm 90 mm
    Gap between steel edge and console* 70 mm
    Work height glass bed 900 mm
    Power supply 230V / 50Hz/24V – 120V/60Hz/24V
    * Available space for large formats placed in the side trays.

    Application on glass- and acrylic substrates

    Also when applicating digital prints or application tapes to glass- and acrylic plates, the Rollover demonstrates its high level of efficiency and flexibility. The roller pressure ensures perfect result without any use of water.

    Application tape wind up

    Executing frequently occuring tasks like the use of application tape, is easily transformed into a One man- or one woman show. By using the extra media holders, the full width of the tabletop can be utilised. Besides the perfect result, great savings in time and cost are obtained by using the Rollover Laminator.

    Laminating digital prints

    The great flexibility of the rollover laminating system is already evident in conventional laminating in which digital prints may be coated with protective laminates. Especially when using formats covering the full working surface of the Rollover, these jobs can be done quickly and without bubbles or creases.

    Assembly of oversize media

    By using the generously spaced side shelves, wide banners or other oversize media can be handled across the tabletop. This allows e.g. multi-line foil labels and digital prints to be transferred to large formats.

    The Rollover as work station

    Last but not least, when cutting on the self-healing cutting mat or even working with flexible skins and hoardings, Rollover offers with its back-lit work area the best basis to cope with an advertising technicians everyday strive.