Rollover Flexi Flatbed Applicator


Rollover Flexi is the new, flexible addition to the Rollover Range. Comprising all the essential qualities of the existing line of Classic Flatbed Applicators, this unit also offers quick dismantling to facilitate entering of premises having difficult access.

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    The Rollover Flexi represents our well known high level of quality, craftmanship and durability. Having no overhead gantry above the roller, the access to media and substrates while working is superior.

    The innovative Rollover Flatbed Applicator simply offers a better way of solving the daily challenges of the sign making industry. The excellent functionality is powered by the idea of facilitating and streamlining the multiple tasks encountered in the daily work of signmakers. Regardless of media type such as self-adhesive foil applications, road signs, glass application, banners etc. up to 90mm in thickness, the Rollover will ensure a perfect result at a minimum of time.

    Optimal ergonomic work positions have been the basis for the design. Being able to comfortably operate the laminator with one hand whilst having free access to roller, media and tabletop, results in smooth and effective handling. We can guarantee that the operator will not miss the climbing and knee-bending… Perfectly flat application without bubbles or creases is obtained in a minimum of time, and waste is minimised. Illuminated glass tabletop and special cutting mat will improve accuracy and control in operation, and also make the Rollover a perfect work
    place for many other tasks of the trade.

    The Flexi Model arrives fully assembled, but is constructed for convenient & quick dismantling in 3 main sections:

    • The sliding arms/roller gantry
    • The glass bed and supporting frame
    • The leg section

    These elements can be individually transported into premises having difficult access.
    This is done either manually or by using the specially developed transport tool.

    Inward facing and protected activation switch – simplifies and safeguards the applications
    Ergonomic handles enable one-hand roller operation for better efficiency and ergonomy
    Rounded housings – no sharp edges
    Free view to roller – no blocking tower or gantry
    Unobstructed access to the roller, media and the work surface
    Brackets/spindles for handling of media rolls and application tape from both table ends and roller housings
    Extended gap between roller and glass bed
    Self-healing cutting mat
    Illuminated glass bed(LED)
    Integrated air pressure gauge
    Tool pockets on each housing
    Separate outlet for air gun connection
    Model size in cm (axb) 155 x 336
    Glass bed working area 155 x 336
    Working area of roller 155 x 306
    Roller diameter in cm 13
    Approx. weight in kg 390
    Illumination, LED 223W

    Key Data

    Max. thickness of sign substrate 6.5 cm
    Work height glass bed 90 cm
    Power supply 230V / 50Hz/24V – 120V/60Hz/24V